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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I send you graphics and pictures for my order?

You can scan your image, or if you have it on a disk, you can e-mail the logo. If you have a clean black and white copy, you may fax the logo to us also.

Is there a limit to file size?

File size does not seem to be a problem, what is important is (DPI) Dots Per Inch. Try to keep this at 300 DPI. I will give you a clean copy by adding more Dot Per Inch.

Should I send Screen Printing files as a separate file for each color or as one file?

You may send just the outline with colors written in area's with color, if you have a color copy you may scan and save it as a JPG or any other format will work fine also and attach to the e-mail. (example's GIF's, TIFF'S, CDR, BMP)

Do I have to place my order online or is there another way?

At this time you will need to contact us by e-mail or phone. We will be offering online services soon to place your orders.

Am I placing my order on a secure server?

No, not offering secure server at this time.

How soon will I receive my order?

Usually you will receive your logo in just about 3 days. We can rush in 24 hours if needed.

What if I need something I can't find?

If you are looking for specific artwork, we maybe able to help you in that department. We are also able to create new logo's, fax them to you or e-mail for approval.

How can I be sure I am getting the best product at the best price?

Digitizing Secrets has been in this business for many years, I was in the embroidery business prior to digitizing. Price is one of you greatest assets, we have just recently gone to flat rate pricing. We do know what it takes to make a design run smoothly. We do guarantee our designs to work 100% to your satisfaction.

Are there any restrictions to graphic content?

There is no restrictions to graphic content, please do not feel like you will offend us. This is your right to express yourself freely, we do live in America the beautiful.

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